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Let's Get Together It's time to connect.

Why gather?

Because we love social interaction. Love it.

We facilitate meaningful conversations by organizing Small Group Studies, Home Fellowships, and Community Celebrations that bring people together.

We also host virtual gatherings to provide spiritual interaction for people who have yet to connect with a local group.

How do you get connected? Join the tribe!

Tribal members also get special access to workshops and online resources. We’re here to help you grow.

Signing up is free and easy. What are you waiting for?!

We're here to help you thrive.


Small Group Studies Knowledge and Wisdom are Waiting.

Small group studies are local gatherings where people get together and deliberately discuss something meaningful… literally anything.

The purpose of these gatherings is to learn together. Anyone can start a group. Get some friends together and talk about something interesting. Commit to regular meetings and you will facilitate deeper discussions. Learn from the different perspectives.

The result is knowledge and wisdom gained.


Let’s face it, typical interaction is just surface level stuff. When we gather for Home Fellowships, we are creating a safe space to open up and be known.

This is where we develop deeper connections with friends who will support and encourage us along the spiritual journey. Fellowships are all about heart-level interaction.

We all long for intimate connection.

We need to be known and accepted for who we are. We need support, encouragement, and a place to be vulnerable and built up by the love of others. This is why we gather.


Home Fellowship Love and Acceptance are Waiting.

Community Celebrations

At Heathen House, we like to celebrate life.

We have so much to be thankful for, not the least of which is each other. That’s why we gather and celebrate, to express our gratitude for the tribe.

Me and my friends, you and your friends, we’re all in this together. We make it a point to come together and celebrate the goodness of life. It’s a special kind of connection.

In any given week, Heathen House has community celebrations taking place all across the country. The flavors may vary, but the ingredients are the same: Music, food, fellowship, and FUN!

If you want to plug into the positive vibes and get in on the action, we’d love to see you there! When you connect with the tribe, we’ll let you know where the party’s at.