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Small Group Studies Plug In & Grow!

Small group studies are local gatherings where people get together and deliberately discuss something meaningful… literally anything. The purpose of these gatherings is to learn together. Any member of the tribe can start a group. Get some friends together and talk about something interesting. Commit to regular meetings and you will facilitate deeper discussions and enjoy learning from the different perspectives!

Home Fellowship Acceptance & Accountability

This is where the magic happens! We need to be known and accepted for who we are. We need support, encouragement, and a place to be vulnerable and built up by the love of others. This is why we gather. We encourage Home Fellowships as a way of connecting at a deeper level. It’s the coming together, sharing a meal, and talking about life as it happens. Join the Tribe and get connected today!
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You are more awesome than you even know. We are excited to welcome you to the tribe. Please let us know how best to connect!